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SEO Bridge from Old site to new
Brent W Peterson
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Joined:  2009-02-26
Minneapolis MN

One of the problem I had with the last Magento site I launched was the old links ended up being dead after the switch over. This is because the old site was a .net site with the extension .aspx

So on the present site I am working on I wrote a bridge that will parse the .aspx URL and load the correct page based on the id. I did this by mapping the old categories to the new and creating a module that does the translation.

You can see how it works here.

Midwest Brewing Kits

the new site is at

So when we switch the URL the old link will no longer work. But if you see from the link below, the new site correctly parses out the string and loaded the correct category page. (the difference is the “NEW” and the “WWW” between the two sites.;=1

You can test any category on the present site and change the www -> new.

I am working on all the products now.

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