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Import csv
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What is the best way to import a single product into your store.

I want to export just the one product make the changes and import just that product back in.

I would also like to export just one manufacture of products change all their prices and then re import without having to go to each product for that manufacture and do it.

For example a 5% discount for all products from one manufacture. I no how to do it for a store wide discount all products.


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You can import using default Magento import method or use Dataflow, which is also available out-of-the-box. However, you need to stick to strict requirements Magentio itself has to import file columns and information in them. You can check requirements here -

If you need to export only some products and automatically do modifications - let’s say re-calculate price (adding 5% mark-up) automatically without the necessity to do it manually in the file, you will need some extensions or scripts.
In case you are interested, there is 14-days free and fully-functional version of Store Manager for Magento application:

Using it you can export products from definite manufacture and import the file back adding price mark-up on-the-fly right in the process of import.
Moreover, there is even faster way to to it - filter out goods by manufacturer , right-click and set 5% price increasing for selected goods with Multi-Editor option of Store Manager.

In any case, you can download the software and give it a try.

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