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Magento Connect error
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-03-04
Peoria, IL USA

I am trying to upgrade from v. 1.2.1 to the current version via Magento Connect. 

Logged into Magento Connect for the first time. 
I see not extensions.
I click on the upgrade button
Nothing happens. 
I check Magento User Guide.  No help there.
Check Magento Wiki.  Look at instructions here:

It says this:
It is possible that you will see no extensions in MagentoConnect Manager. This means that you have just uploaded the files without using PEAR downloader. In that case enter magento-core/Mage_All_Latest in the extension key field and click Install button. This will install all latest MagentoConnect core packages on top of existing files and will allow future upgrades through MagentoConnect.

I tried that.
Received error messages.  Said Pear was not installed?
So I looked farther down the page.
Found this:
How to upgrade MagentoConnect Manager
1.  MagentoConnect Manager is not installed as a PEAR package by default. If you wish to upgrade it, you will first need to install it as a PEAR package.
2.  Enter magento-core/Mage_Downloader in the Extension key input field and click Install.
3.  After it is installed the first time, you can upgrade it the same way as other extensions.

I did that and now I see this error message:
Exception caught:

Invalid method Mage_Adminhtml_Model_Url::turnOffSecretKey(Array ( ) )


#0 [internal function]: Varien_Object->__call(’turnOffSecretKe...’, Array)
#1 /home/caadmin/public_html/shop/downloader/Maged/Controller.php(183): Mage_Adminhtml_Model_Url->turnOffSecretKey()
#2 /home/caadmin/public_html/shop/downloader/Maged/Controller.php(170): Maged_Controller::singleton()
#3 /home/caadmin/public_html/shop/downloader/index.php(35): Maged_Controller::run()
#4 {main}

Now my catalog isn’t visible in the frontend, and I can’t access Magento Connect. 

How do I solve this problem?


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Charles Albert
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Joined:  2008-06-24

Firstly, please say that you are doing this on a copy of the site, and not on the live one, or you made a backup site (or a backup of the files and the database)
Secondly, the difference between the version that you are too great… Maybe upgrade via Magento Connect is not the best way.
Anyway, since you have started via Magento Connect, lets continue that way. I recommend that if you have not made a backup, make one now. The best way is via SSH.
If you aready have a backup, ignore this.
To backup the files, simply compress them into a file, or even just coping the root folder of the site into another folder.
To backup the db, do the following linux command via SSH:

mysqldump -u [username] -p [databasename] > [filename].sql

Then it will ask for the password for the database user given in the command.

Now, lets try to fix our Magento Connect Problem

WARNING: THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. Maybe you have another problem, or even upgrades from versions this old are not practical via this method.

After backed-up the site, still on the SSH, open the root folder of the magento installation and execute the following commands:

./pear mage-setup .

Make sure that you have typed the second dot at the end of the command.
While executing, there will be some messages. There should be no errors or warnings. After that, execute this other command:

./pear install magento-core/Mage_All_Latest

This one shall install all the core packages in their latest versions. If you are lucky, your Magento will work again. However, any hacks in the core files will be overwritten, so there might be some hard-working to put everything to work well again.

Best of luck!

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Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-03-04
Peoria, IL USA

Thank you very much for the instructions!  Thank you for the time in posting them and it was well thought-out and concise.  Thank you again!

Here is an update on the situation:  I had a ticket with my web host support team on this issue as well as posting to the forum here.  One o the support staff has upgraded my magento software to the latest version.

There are other issues now that the upgrade has been made.  I believe that I should close this particular thread, as the upgrade has been performed by my web host.  I will follow through on a different thread that would pertain to the particular issues we are experiencing currently.

Thank you again,


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