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addAttributeToSelect(’…’). Anyone else having trouble understanding this seemingly simple function? 
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I have added attributes to my products and I’m using observers and/or rewriting models to filter and display products according to these additional attributes. I can’t help noticing that addAttributeToSelect doesn’t actually do anything. For example, adding addAttributeToSelect(’*’) does not return a collection with all available product attributes. At least I am not getting all the attributes that Mage::getSingleton(’catalog/config’)->getProductAttributes() says are available. In particular I am not getting any of the custom attributes. Nor will using addAttributeToSelect(’my_attribute’) guarantee that “my_attribute” is available in the collection. Interestingly (or I should say strangely) when I use addAttributeToFilter(’my_attribute’, array of values) I do get the field “my_attribute” in the collection.
Needless to say, I am confused about what addAttributeToSelect actually does. Am I missing some vital step here which will ensure that addAttributeToSelect(’my_attribute’) really does add “my_attribute” to the collection? Thanks for any hints or advice.

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Just in case anyone else ends up here looking for the answer, you’ll find it here in the answer to my Stackoverflow question

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