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Product description text does not stay within box in Internet Explorer 7, any suggestions? 
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Joined:  2009-04-19

Hello everyone,

I have created a few products which include a description.  The text in my product description boxes extends pass the bottom of the box border in Internet Explorer 7 but works fine in Fire Fox and Safari.  At this point I have only created a few products and I was hoping to correct this problem before my site go live.  I also noticed that there is an excessive amount of space above the text I enter in the product description box, which I did not add.  When I create the product the text looks fine on the backend but shows up different on the storefront.  I am using FCKediter (WYSIWYG editor) could this be causing the problem? The product title is also enlarged in IE7. 

My site currently is not viewable to the public, a username and password is required.  I have created a dummy login for anyone who can assist me with this issue. 

login: vbs
password: vbs

I also attached screen shots of a product page in IE7, Fire Fox and Safari.

Thank you all in advance!!!

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