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Can not update Stock Availability / Is In Stock value via Magento API
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Joined:  2013-05-07


I have a live and test Magento store. I generated a MagentoApi C# class from the WSDL of the Magento store.


I am able to update product quantities with no issues via my API class. I am now trying to set the Stock Availability field from the API but it will not change it’s value.


public void UpdateIsInStockField()
    MagentoStoreConfig storeConfig 
magentoApiRepo = new MagentoApiRepository(storeConfig);
catalogInventoryStockItemEntity magentoProduct magentoApiRepo.GetProductFromSku(new[] { "SKU-123456" });

productUpdated = new catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity
manage_stock 0,
use_config_manage_stock 0,
qty = new Random().Next(50100).ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)



From the Magento store’s admin section, the quantity value changes for the product but the Stock Availability value has not changed.

I am setting the manage_stock and use_config_manage_stock as per the instructions outlined here in the Magento API reference guide.

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