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Shopping cart price rules and compute Tax
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I have a problem with shopping cart price rules. When certain conditions are fulfiled, the discount is applied on the whole cart (e.g. $40). The problem is, the discount counts in the tax base.


The tax rate is 19%

Product Price excl. Tax Price incl. Tax
Ring 167,23 199,00 OK

Subtotal 167,23 ... OK
Discount -40,00 ... OK
Postage 89,00 ... OK
Tax 54,72 ... ERROR (248 x 0,19 = 47,12)
Total 248,00 ... (199 + 89 – 40) OK

If the option Tax/Calculation/Apply Tax After Discount is set to „NO“, the count is correct, but the first item price on the order is distorted.

The rule setting:

Apply : Fixed amount discount for whole cart
Discount amount : 40
Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to : 0
Discount Qty Step : 0
Free shipping : No
Stop further rules processing : No

Is the setting correct?

Have you got any ideas how to solve the problem?

Thank you.

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