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Newsletter Subscribers or Customers
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Playing around a bit with Magento, and have it now setup so that whenever someone purchases they are automatically added to the newsletter. We’re looking at syncing this up with Mailchimp, and so far it all works perfectly.

The problem now, is that I’d like an additional bit of data to be included with the Newsletter Subscribers info. We’d like for each Customer (and Newsletter Subscriber) to have the product they purchased as a field that is automatically included in the tables when we view the lists. And hopefully, be able to forward that info on to Mailchimp so if we’d ever want to segment the list so we can target market to specific people that it’d be possible. Can even just be the product sku that is passed along.

It doesn’t seem like it should be as difficult as it is feeling, and I’ve been totally unsuccessful the past few days trying to get it to work. I know the information is here somewhere...when I view orders it lists the product SKU associated with the order, and it’s also tied to the customer. But the Customer list and Subscriber list has nothing deeper than the Store they are from.

Anyone have any insight or solution that would work?

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