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Changing the path of logo on header
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-06-14

I’ve been on this for 3 hours, having read every tutorial I could find. No luck thus far, though it seems like a problem with a simple solution.

I want to use my own logo. however, i wish to use my own interface and theme instead of overwriting the default folders.

Basically, I’ve copied the skin/frontend/default/default subfolders and app/design/frontend/default/default folders to
skin/frontend/adler1/adler1 and app/design/frontend/adler1/adler1. My goal with this was to set both the package and the skin to the name ‘adler1’. From there, I wanted to modify the logo and other photos as required.

Copying/pasting on the server occured without a glitch. Ive changed the package name in System>Configuration>Design to adler1 (changed the scope to both default AND website), ive changed the 5 options under the Themes heading to adler1 and default (after initial problems, i coping skin/frontend/arthur1/arthur1 folder into skin/frontend/default). Configuration change saves successfully, and I left the logo name as “logo.gif” in the /images folder.

No matter what i do, the logo on the front page ( always points to
Ive turned off caching, i refresh the browser cache, and i even delete the ftp cache. Changing the logo src elicits a change in the frontend header (image/logo.gif) but nothing affects the path (skin/default/default)

Other info that may help: i used a fresh install of the latest version on the root, and Ive turned on the admin path feature. Currently using it in combination with Firebug to figure out what options are changing what. I’m new to web design (and programming in general), so if you can elaborate then...karma will smile upon you : )



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