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“New Products” code customization question…
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Joined:  2008-12-16

I’m trying to show two rows (i.e. 10) “new” products in the new-products code block.  I’ve modified the iteration within new.phtml from 5 to 10 (although then it should show 11, right?) but it won’t reflect on the home page.  I modified it down to 2 and it shows 3, so I know it’s reading the modified code.  I changed it again to 1 (showing 2 items) and again, it works. 

I suspect it’s something in the CSS that I’m not seeing.  Any ideas on how I can make this work?  Again, my goal is to show 10 items, 5 per row in two rows, on the home page.  Here’s the home page: for reference.

Help would be much appreciated - I know it’s probably something really simple that I’m overlooking.  Thanks so much! smile

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