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Captcha on registration form not displaying
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-08-07

I am having trouble trying to debug this on my store. The Captcha is not displaying on the customer registration form or giving any captcha validation.

In the admin panel I have enabled the Captcha in the Customer Configuration setting and chosen the ‘Create User’ setting.

When going to the customer registration form the captcha isn’t working/displaying. I have created an empty Magento store and done the same steps and the captcha is showing on the empty store.

So far I have checked that the zend.phtml is in the template for my store along with captcha.xml in my layout. The code is the exact same as the empty store.

I have also tried using the base version of persistent/customer/form/register.phtml on my store but the captcha still doesn’t show up.

I have disabled all of the extra modules/third party extensions my store uses but the captcha is still not showing/displaying.

I’m now unsure of how to debug this further. Any suggestions is much appreciated, thank you.

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