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Integrating an eParcel workflow into Magento Community
James CS
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Joined:  2011-11-20

We’re running a Magento Community site offering a few tiers of flat price shipping under a BPA from Australia Post. We’re working out how to move over to using eParcel instead of BPA.

Our back-office staff currently manually print the invoices from magento, along with the address, and ship from Magento (adding tracking numbers) before our picking/packing staff even touch the order. Once the order leaves the office and goes to the warehouse floor we don’t need to touch Magento again for that order.

With eParcel we can’t do that. We need to pack each parcel and then enter the weight and dimensions back into eParcel to get a label. But to provide our customers with tracking numbers we’d need to go back in to Magento. This introduces too many touch points.

What we want to do is have the picking/packing staff print the invoice, pack the goods, measure and weight, then locate the item in Magento, enter the dimensions and mass and have it integrate with eParcel, print the label and mark the item shipped and attach the tracking number. all done, one parcel at a time.

Is this possible? Is there an extension that allows this?

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