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Magento seems to be blocking responsive designing from one of the JS files? 
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So earlier I was stumped on why my website becomes unreadable (this is my first theme I’m creating in Magento) when I scale the website down to a phone size or small tablet size using Resizer bookmarklet in Chrome. I’ve created multiple responsive designs and never had this problem.

I figured out it’s because that this gets appended into the style attribute on the <html> tag:

-webkit-transform: scale(0.6122448979591837); -webkit-transform-origin: 0px 0px; min-width: 980px;

How exactly do I find what’s appending that to the html style attribute? I’m guessing that’s just a thing magento does by default in one of the javascript files?

Because when I delete that off the style attribute on the html tag, the page loads fine with the font size readable and everything else like it originally would.

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