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oauth signature invalid
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-06-26

I’m using REST Meganeto API 1.72. I get a token. After that call request
And I catch error signature_invalid. In the source code I found the method

protected function _validateSignature ()
$ util = new Zend_Oauth_Http_Utility ();

$ calculatedSign = $ util-> sign (
array_merge ($ this-> _params, $ this-> _protocolParams),
$ this-> _protocolParams [’oauth_signature_method’],
$ this-> _consumer-> getSecret (),
$ this-> _token-> getSecret (),
$ this-> _request-> getMethod (),
$ this-> _request-> getScheme (). ‘:/ /’. $ this-> _request-> getHttpHost (). $ this-> _request-> getRequestUri ()

if ($ calculatedSign! = $ this-> _protocolParams [’oauth_signature’]) {
$ this-> _throwException ($ calculatedSign, self :: ERR_SIGNATURE_INVALID);

When comparing different signature. To send I use C # library nickvane/Magento-RestApi, which is based on RestSharp. Why Zend_Oauth_Http_Utility generates a signature different from RestSharp

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