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Do you think there is a big problem with the lack of documentation in magento?
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Please tell me magento staff is working on fixing the many issues with documenation (or lack thereof)
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First off, let me start by saying I think Magento is a fantastic product and I am thankful for all the hard word that has been put into it thus far. However, I have never been so frustrated with the disorganization and lack of documentation with any open source product that I have ever used, and I have used quite a few.

I find it almost impossible to find anything on the site directly. I am always having to do google searches to find the information I am looking for. Seriously, is that ‘wiki’ even really a wiki? Trying to find information in there is painful. Why not just use media wiki or something that actually works?

I could rant for awhile, but I didn’t come on here to flame Magento, as I really love the product. I just hope there is plans to fix an obvious problem that I think could really hurt the community and longevity of the product.

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