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Handling non-physical items and donations
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Does Magento have any special features oriented toward applications that are not like a typical storefront—for example, an academic institution or organization that wants to let users pay for event registrations (like a conference)—maybe with an option for meals/dinners, and perhaps additional merchandise like a T-shirt? Along with every purchase, there would need to be an option to include a tax-deductible donation of any amount at the final checkout.

In this scenario, taxed and non-taxed items would need to be included in a single purchase order while also being segregated in reporting on the backend--thereby allowing people who are concerned only with purchases to handle only those and people concerned with donations to handle only donations.

Also, behind a single payment action in the customer’s experience the electronic funds funds transfer would be split into multiple transactions, so sales for some items might go to one account while donations might go to another, thus allowing segregated reporting to the administrators and different/multiple receipts to the customer.

Thanks for any advice on this.

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