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Upgrade respect the previous theming word?  … inline translations and images uploading issues
Andrea, Argentina
Sr. Member
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Joined:  2007-12-05
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I want to report some issues and ask a few things in the same post to see how to continue working with my demo store (

1) There is still a problem with images uploading (there are many posts after the 8.17 version updated).
2) There is another problem width the images. When I put a generic images (when the product in the catalog does not have one) it shows right at the page of that product but in the homepage when you must see the very small pictures, the generic image does not appears.
3) There is still a problem with inline translations that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, it seems to be a problem with javascript but i am not programmer, don’t know really.

1) I am working on the spanish translation. If the csv files change in the version 9. or following stable versions, this work will be done again… What do you think?
2) The changes that you are doing to the files till the first stable version, are going to overwrite properly independantly of the skin and layout modifications that we could have made?

Hope you understand my writing, sorry for my bad english and thank you very much for your answers.


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