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Step by step tutorial
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Hello, Magento Team & Friends

First of all, I am new to the e-commerce applications, until now I worked only with html, php, flash websites, nothing with much programming, such as e-commerce appz.
I am very interested in developing estores with this app, (I found magento and prestashop to fit my needs, but I tried first magento), and I am already at the 5th installation of Magento on my local server, due to various errors I encountered ‘til now.  I have read a lot of topics in the Forum, Blog, Screencasts, in the last 48 hours (I slept only 5 hours smile ) , but I cannot work with Magento the way I want to, it keeps crashing, not showing pages, showing blank pages, and so on. I think one of the causes is that the screencasts (which are very helpful generally speaking) are made for those who are familiar with complex appz and programming.

So,...I was wondering (and hoping) if anyone of you, team members or friends, could post a basic step by step tutorial on creating a store, from scratch, so that even a beginner in e-commerce appz could work with this “looking-good” app…

It would be very helpful to see this step-by-step tutorial on every basic steps, from Installing Magento on the server (with 2 languages importing), modifying the layout (change some images of the basic theme and the dimensions of some blocks), adding few categories, some products in each category, some-extra-buttons, (contact me, about us, ...) and so on.

In this way I think more people could contribute to this great project and help Magento and e-commerce grow. I hope I will be one of them. smile

Thank you for your time,

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
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