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UPS Shipping estimates Requires ZIP/Postal code for all countries
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Joined:  2009-06-18

I discovered a problem with my Magento site that I am really surprised to find. When using the ‘Estimate Shipping’ block on the cart view page,it was requiring ZIP/Postal code entry for ALL countries. For most countries in the world this is not needed, as they either don’t use postal codes or UPS doesn’t care. People will probably throw in ‘90210’ or something but it is not professional.

Also it never worked for Canada because it truncated all codes to 5 characters. Surely some Canucks must have noticed this?

So I hacked the UPS Calculator to basically punt the whole thing to the UPS server and then when it gets the result, to parse any error message to see if UPS requires a ZIP/Postal code for that country, or doesn’t like the format.

Throwing this out there because I am curious if anyone else has seen this and has another fix. My searching here, in the issue tracker and on google turned up nothing about this.

So, I filed this bug as well…


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