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trade module
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We are currently working in create a trade module that is very useful for Movie resellers to have a trade-in function, where customers can also sell directly to the store as well as buy.

This would involve the following functionality:

The price at which the reseller would buy from a customer could be
stored in the Cost Price field located in [product - cost]

The Shopping Cart needs to be able to deduct the movies that the
customer is trading-in.

When a customer is selling, the stock is not added to the database
until received by the reseller.

A customer’s credit card must be charged the difference between what
he is buying and what he is selling, however, the card must be pre-
authorized for the full amount incase what he is trading-in does not
show up. This will allow resellers to send out products immediately
without having to worry about the trade-ins showing up.

We have been looking into this in great detail and require help in
terms of a clear understanding of the code functionality which would
be relevant to this module in magento.

Ideas and recommendations are welcome!


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