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Using Google Base with multiple clients
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I’m trying to set up Google Base to work with multiple clients. Google approved my application and everything appears to be set up correctly but it is not working and from the following snippit from Google Base Help I think I know why.

Aggregators can use Google Base to manipulate data on behalf of their customers.To become an aggregator, send a request to the Google Base team. Once your account has been configured to manage multiple clients, you will be able to see your customers’ IDs in the Google Base dashboard. To submit an operation on behalf of a customer, insert the customer ID in the path of the Customer Items feed as follows: For example, if the customer ID is 12345, the URL would be You can perform all of the standard Items feed operations on this URL. Refer to the Items feed reference for more information.

I don’t see any way in Magento to specify the customer ID. Does anyone know where Magento uses the URL so I can hard code it for each store?



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