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i have set all the files writeable still unable to overwrite
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-06-02

i download all the magento files from server to my local server.

all server files are writeable i just used the filezilla command to make all files writeable it was annoying me so i did now what about my shop security ?

but i am still unable to overwrite files i make changes on my local server than upload to server filezilla gives this error no permission critical error .

than i duplicate the default theme and skin folder to new_design now i can overwrite the files but same files why i can’t overwrite default folder files ?

than i need logo with .jpg extension found the way app/code/core/mage/page/etc/config.xml but again when i tried to overwrite :((((((((

how to solve this problem

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Brent W Peterson
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Minneapolis MN

Are you using Windows or Linux?

For Windows:

CACLS pathname [options]

options can be any combination of:

/T Search the pathname including all subfolders.
/E Edit ACL (leave existing rights unchanged)
/C Continue on access denied errors.

/G user:permission
Grant access rights, permision can be:
R Read
W Write
C Change (read/write)
F Full control

/R user
Revoke specified user’s access rights (only valid with /E).

/P user:permission
Replace access rights, permission can be:
N None
R Read
W Write
C Change (read/write)
F Full control

/D user
Deny access to user.

In all the options above “user” can be a UserName
or a Workgroup (either local or global)

If a UserName or WGname includes spaces then it must
be surrounded with quotes e.g. “Authenticated Users”

If no options are specified CACLS will display the ACLs for the file(s)

For Linux

chmod g-r /home/aarjav/foo.txt

As shown the general format of the command is

chmod -R/c/f/v [u / g / o / a] [+ / - / =] [rwxXstugo]


u : user
g: group
o : others
a : all
+ : give permission
- : take permission away
= : cause the permissions given to be the only permissions of the file
r : read permission
w: write permission
x : execute permission
X: execute only if it is a directory or already has execute permission for some user
s : set user or group ID on execution
t : save program text on swap device
u : the permissions that the user who owns the file has for it
g : the permissions that the owner?s group has for a file
o : the permissions that users not in the owner?s group have for it

(X, s, t, u, g and o are not required for common tasks)

the initial options -R/c/f/v are explained as follows :

-c : Displays names of only those files whose permissions are being changed

( --changes can also be used instead of -c )

-f : Suppresses display of error messages when a file?s permissions cannot be changed

( --silent of --quiet can also be used instead of -f )

-R: Recursively changes the permission of all files in all subdirectories of the directory whose

permissions are being changed

( --recursive can also be used )

-v : Displays results of all permission changes

( --verbose can also be used )

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