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unable to change prices. 
james c
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Joined:  2009-06-17

When I attempt to change the price,

I went
into Manage Products, clicked on product 39, changed the price, hit save and
continue edit, and it put me back to the log in page.  I log in and the
change was not saved.  Sometimes after logging in again, I can save,
but most times, I can’t save.
This happens pretty much when I try to save anything.
I’ve gone back to last version of Magento and
it continued to happen.  I upgraded and I get the default php connectivity
problem, so I’ve downgraded back to Magento 1.3.2.  It just seems that if
there is no activity on Magento for more 60 seconds, anytime you go to
change something, it returns you to the log in screen. 

Jim C.

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