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Admin Unaccessable
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Another cry for help.

I was rolling along fine and dandy in the admin when I tried to change the base url.  I wanted to see if I could update the store to longer point to /magento/.  Anyways, I changed the entry for this value in admin > configuration > web.  It didn’t take and I could no longer log in to the admin, nor drill down any further than the top level of the site.  LINK. You’ll notice the 404 error page gets served up and the style sheets are not being served.  Not being able to access the admin has basically closed me off from editing the configuration settings back to what they were.  So I’ve tried just updating the DB values, but I fear something else might have been edited.....XML file?  Cache file?  I’m out of ideas.

I’ve scoured the forums and tried everything obvious.
- reverting the core_config_data table back to before I changed the admin values
- clearing cache
- clearing cookies
- trying out the site in FF and IE

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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