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Two Root Categories in One Store? 
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Adelaide, Australia


I was hoping to use the Tag system but realised I cannot add tags to products in admin without using the front end as well which I was hoping to avoid.

So, I have been trying to setup another Root Category to add existing products to, with the idea that I could have two navigation items in my single store:
- the usual products listed by my “ROOT” root category, and (a drop-down from my menu)
- another using my “TAGGED” root category. (a list in a sidebar somewhere)

The attached image shows my two Root Categories.

When the “Men” or “Women” subs are displayed under “ROOT” I can hit them easily enough via men.html and women.html but when I move them to “TAGGED” those URLs just 404.

From what I have been reading I thought this would work, but it isn’t.

If it turns out that I need to display them under the single Root Category “ROOT”, is there a simple way in admin to suppress them from displaying in my drop-down menu.

Or, am I barking up the wrong tree and should just use the Tag system?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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