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How to display new products for JUST the active Store on the store’s home page. 
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We all know how to add code to the main web site’s CMS home page to display a list the catalog’s newest products (as determined by the new date range setting of the products.) My problem is this: we now have 3 stores off of our primary domain and each of those properly show their catalog bread crumbs relative to their category root; hence only a store’s products are displayed in that store’s catalog view.  The problem for me is this: the CMS new product block displays ALL new products in the catalog on the store’s home page, not just the new products for the effective store view, relative to the store’s catalog root.

I see in new.phtml that the call to “$_products = $this->getLoadedProductCollection()” appears to be the problem.  I need a call which, instead, will fetch the product collection for the effective store, rather than all new products.  I tried “$this->_getLoadedProductCollection($store, $products)” as found elsewhere in the code but the block associated with $this does not have that method.  Anyone out there know how I can accomplish this?



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