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Database Design
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Hopefully some of the programmers read this.... What were you guys thinking??? You’ve designed a program that normal people can’t use. I thought the whole concept behind open source is the ability to modify and edit. The main problem is the database design. If you guys read up on EAV databases one of the key things is to use it for SMALL databases due to it’s inefficiency. 6000 customers would normally be 600 entires, it takes up 70k in your database. Not to mention your tables are repeating 3 or more identical variables in each table, which is the biggest flaw with EAV.  So you want an entity to have datetime, decimal, gallery, and int. Make a freaking text field that tells what type of data it is and boom, you just cleared out 4 tables and put them in one.  I was looking how customer info was stored and the names of the people were stored in multiple tables???? You’ve got shipping name and billing name, that’s it. Secondly not using metadata for an EAV system is BAD. This is a shopping cart for crying out loud.

So here I am, a programmer wanting to move to your little system. I already have an existing shopping cart and want to move my data over. I’ve got thousands of entries. I can’t just do an easy sql move because your database is all wack. Your API doesn’t give me any info as to what I call the attributes for a product. Your database has no metadata, just id numbers. How am i supposed to know what id# a product attribute is if there’s nowhere that tells me. Honestly even though your database is terribly inefficient I would be perfectly happy if you guys made a nice import feature or made a nice API to read.

Now i have to sift through lots of documentation and code to find what I’m looking for when you guys should of made this easy!

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