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Garbage in extension code after installing through Magento Connect
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-11-12

I’m developing a very simple extension. Doesn’t matter what it is designed for.

It has only one file of code - /controllers/IndexController.php

Last time faced with a strange bug:
after downloading and installing extension using magento connect there appear “nuls” and some strange data in that file right in the end of the code.

How does it look like - see in attachment 1.

I have seeked over the whole project and found out that this “postfix” has format of “tar” archive file header.

The source code doesn’t have these symbols. When I unpack extension package manually in OS - there is no arbitrary data. That appears only when I install the extension using Magento Connect.

Please help. How to stop this shit to appear?


File Attachments
YeahCommerce_Catalog_Sync_Extension-1.0.10.tgz  (File Size: 8KB - Downloads: 0)
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