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Ubiquitous Static-Block
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Joined:  2009-06-05

When I arrived at my desk this morning I noticed a static block was displaying on every page in the right column even though it wasn’t referenced on that page. I checked core.xml and page.xml and it wasn’t referenced here. To temporarily get around this I renamed the static block and refreshed my site. This caused it to disappear on all pages except where it was explicitly referenced. About ten minutes later I created a .phtml file that I use to display a special kind of navigation. After creating it, I noticed that this too was on every page. The only page I referenced this was the ‘custom layout’ section of the page I wanted it to be on.

Does any one have any idea what could be causing this odd behavior?

Also, is there any where else other than core.xml and page.xml where something could be referenced and displayed on every page?

Thanks in advance!

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