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Nick Houldsworth
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Joined:  2009-06-03

I am trying to customie the new orders RSS do display the customers shipping City. I eventually want to allow a GET function to only display orders for particular cities, as my client wants certain franchise stores to handle certain orders. I have successfully managed to add a hook to the Checkout Success proceedure (taking the shipping city and emailing depending on the variable) but I think it would be much cleaner and more reliable using an rss feed, with a ?city=’washington’ for example on the end.

Anyway… following this thread, i made a start to at least ensure I have access to the right variables.

I have managed to put in other variables to the feed, such as RealOrderId. But whenever I call the following code, it pulls up the last shipping address from the most recent sale, and applies it to every order. It is odd, because all the other variables (name, orderid) are specific to each order, it’s only the shipping addess which is duplicating throughout.

<?php echo $this->__('City: %s'$_order->getShippingAddress()->getCity()) ?><br/>

I’ve attached my modified ‘details.phtml’ from the following folder \app\design\frontend\default\default\template\rss\order. any help would be much appreciated!

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