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Varien, What is magento? 
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Joined:  2008-06-13

Whenever I go Magento 700 to 1600 users
Important community connected!. What I also see the progress that
Varian makes with “roadmap issue” .
In addition to hide their actions, not words to describe their “issues” seems
learn that our knowledge, which I welcome if
case of an exchange, as it should be, but I think
updates of the releases are more conditioned to the needs of
Magento enterprise, than the community.
The professionals are critical and act according to the consequences,
There are many issues “transcendental” is not resolved, is it coincidence?, does
Varien team has not considered appropriate to resolve them?, is that very
complicated to solve?.
If Varien has a community and has created and, of course, has
maintained, should assume certain responsibilities, the vast majority of
us (hundreds of thousands), now several known that we are not able to analyze
all the code would be thousands of man hours of research, we have trusted on the platform!.
Many have changed the interface, we have developed extensions, but we
our efforts based on the confidence of a stable and prosperous system, which
is oriented to business and that this latter should be competent.
Varien does not update “our” problems, update “their” problems, and
Hundreds of thousands of community members that expose the failures, only help
identify the important and not important assumptions, Varien decide “how and
when” you said while indirectly Search the forum!.
Sorry this is my impression.

(Sorry for my bad translation, I do not speak English (but if you understand), this is automatic translation)

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