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Left / Right columns images.. 
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I have some pbs understanding layouts.... what files do I need to look into to do the followings:

I’d like to replace “Best selling products” wxith my own text… i tried editing the home.phtml file and take out the code but it does not seem to be the ting to do… also I just do not understand where this piece of code is coming from : Zynicon Cinema Display 19-inch LCD monitor / Sandra Mashiso Red Business shoes’ .... etc.. when those products do not appear on the page....

Secondly, I’dl like to add banners on the right and left columns and fiddle around with the already existing images, but left_col.phtml does not seem to be the file i need to work on ...

If anyone could try and explain how this works because the tutorials are not very clear to me.... many thanks !

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