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Simple currency issue
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Joined:  2013-05-08

Well I say simple…

Issue is this. My system is in ireland so i use Euro currency

My Content feed is in UK Stirling

So obviously i set base currency to GBP and display Currency to euro (Couldn’t be simpleer ? )

I use the realex payment system to process my CC payments. There Irish so it makes sense as I will only be serving products in ireland .

All is well ...Untill we go through teh payment process. When teh invoice is presented just before confirimbng order evrything is fine and displaying teh euro currecy untill you getto teh last line

Your Credit Card will be charged £xx.xx Stirling…

I’ve been chasing this stupid issue for days and all the 3 parties invloved just keep passing the buck. It’s magento says one - It’s Sf9 says the other.. It’s ... I don’t care who it is to blame at this stage - i just want a fix… can it really be that difficult to have it say ‘Your credit card will be charged in the display currency’ instead of the base currency...?

So does anyone know how to sort this issue?

Thanks in advance

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