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International Stores - Special Fields in checkout process
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Hey everybody,

I’m working on a store, that will be available in several countries and therefore the checkout process will vary.
As far as I know, I will have to deal with special fields like: “Codice fiscale” (Tax Number) for customers from Italy, or with a third address line for customers from Great Britain or a field for “Canton” (which means sth. like “Region") for customers coming from Switzerland.

What I would like to do here is collect all special requirements for certain countries, so that we will have a knowledge-base for all shop-creators, who will have to deal with this problem. I would like to ask you to write down all special requirements you are aware of and you have dealt with during your creation process. I would like to start with the ones, that I am aware of:

- Codice Fiscale (Tax Number, a required field for online shopping in Italy)

Great Britain:
- Third address line (Necessary for deliveries to cities with very long addresses)

- Canton (Means “Region”, necessary for delivering into different areas in Switzerland)

Thanks to every contributor.

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