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features/support for a DIGITAL STORE
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Hi guys,

I’ve hunted tirelessly for the ideal e-commerce solution to a digital store I am building.

the store will just contain digital products in the form of audio stories (mp3 format). The key features I require are:

* ability to listen to an audio preview of the audio story
* ability to purchase ‘store credits’ to buy the audio stories with (common purchasing functionality among digital stores)
* ability for the user to view a file library containing all purchased audio stories, so they can listen to them on the site, or re-download
* ability to specify how many times the audio stories can be re-downloaded
* ability to purchase subscriptions (1-12 months) at discounted rates, to allow X amount of downloads per month.

I think I have settled on an e-commerce solution which does most of the things I need, but it isnt ideal. Having read through this site I’m very excited about what magneto has to offer and I’m sure I’ll use it at some point for future projects, but is there any chance of some of the above features to support a digital store being in place any time soon??

If you havent already considered the above, I think the functionality would add another dimension to the software!

edit: I forgot to add, some store community support would be awesome too, such as a forum which shares user login info with the store.

Many thanks

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