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Offline Purchases / Post-dated / Cash/Check Only / FreeShipping and Coupons
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Hi, I have a client who often sells merch at tradeshows and offline to friends where they don’t have computer access. They need an easy way to come back later and enter these orders, but the requirements are:

- These customers should be able to purchase off and online
- Their orders should not charge shipping (currently they use a coupon for that, but then they can’t use other coupons)
- They need to be able to use more than one coupon if the free shipping can’t be done
- They need to be able to back-date these orders as they don’t get to enter them until after the sale, often days later
- Cash and Check only for payment methods, but they don’t want those methods available on the live site

Anyone know of modules that do much of this, or have any suggestions as to the best way to set this up? I’ve heard a second store that is just for offline purchases might work, but does that share the same inventory and customers? if not, that sounds like too much duplicate maintenance.

Any advice would be welcome.


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