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Starting from scratch and could use some help :)
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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum and especially new to Magento. I normally design and work with Wordpress websites. So, please bare with me as some things might be a little over my head.

I am here to get some answers to my questions and website needs and hopefully you can guide me in the right direction of extensions and set up.

First off, how easy is it to manipulate and edit with Magento themes? Is it pretty much CSS and HTML like with Wordpress? (which I am used to)


Now to my main needs. I am looking to build a website that has a multi-store functionality.

1. Multi Vendor - I want to provide one main storefront where individual vendors can sell their stores products. Each vendor will need their own URL (, be able to upload and edit products, variable, attributes, etc.

2. Theme - I want to purchase a Magento Theme from either ThemeForest or Template Monster for use on the website. This theme will need to be spread throughout each MultiStore/Vendor

a. I will need to be able to add a slider or banner to the header of each vendor’s main page. They can display images of their store front, special deals, featured items, etc. This way when the customer clicks on a Vendor’s link, they are taken to the vendor’s actual mini store within the main store and have a sense of clear navigation.

b. Hopefully an area within the individual vendor pages where the vendor can display their contact information. (Business Address, Google Map, Phone, Email, Social Media Buttons, etc.)

3. Multiple Stores w/ One Checkout - The customer can make purchases from different vendores but only need to place one order and checkout once.

4. Split Shipping - Customer needs to be able to purchase items from different vendors. At checkout, they pay for items and shipping costs all at once, then each vendor is notified with invoice and ships out packages to customer.

5. Shipping via Vendor - I would like to have the vendor be able to choose their preferred shipping methods and pricing. However, I am new to this game and maybe there is another approach???

6. Commissions - I need to be able to charge a commission per sale, on a per vendor basis. Some vendors will have different commission percentages. This would be need to be automated at checkout. Once order is completed, the funds are split between the Super Admin and Vendor. The payout balance is recorded & displayed in each vendor’s admin panel so pay out is kept on track.

7. Monthly Subscription (Re-occurring Payment) - I will also need to be able to charge a monthly fee for each vendor.

I hope I have included enough information to get started. I have taken a look at Prestashop with Agile extensions, but I hear great things about Magento and would like to go this route.

Would Magento Marketplace works for my needs if I get the appropriate extensions?

I also looked at:


Both look promising, but mainly concerned with price and if my theme will be compatable without much editing.

I would love to hear some opinions and ideas from users who have worked with a set up like the one I need. Thanks so much for the help! smile

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