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ShippingAddress via WebService API
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I am currently building an application that reads all pending orders and lists the adresses in order to be able to print those to labels.

I created a WebService Client in Java and read all pending orders, which works pretty fine via:

SalesOrderListResponseParam result port.salesOrderList(parameters);

Now I read the

from the order and want to read the address like this:


CustomerAddressInfoResponseParam adress port.customerAddressInfo(customerRequest);

But here I face the problem, that the ID I get from the Order is not directly the very id I need to read the Customer\\\’s adress.
Ok, there seems to be a relation table in between, and I can see it clearly in the database and that the ID matches. But the method I call does not query that table so that the IDs do not match.

I was not able to find out a way via service calls to get to the right data from table salfes_flat_order_address.

Has anybody a Tip how I can get the data from db via service calls?


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