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CMS Page does not work w/ large script!!!!  Bug???? 
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Joined:  2009-02-05

I created a “Rates” table for my store.
About 7 columns and 195 rows in excel and when I develop into html code is about 3023 lines.

Problem: When I paste the code into a CMS Page and try to save, it does not save. If the table is smaller (less rows), then It saves.
If I try to do the same through the mysql directly, I have the same results.

I contacted my host to ask if there is some sort of character limit on the database, and was advised to report a bug.

Is this a bug, How can I fix it or work around it?

To work around it, I created on notepad rates.html and then I tried to create a page on Magento CMS pages to call the contents of “rates.html”, but since I am new with magento, I am having a hard time to do that.

I appreciate any help!!!!

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