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Magento Multi Site or Multi Store or other? 
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Currently have Magento community edition, 3000-4000 products on site.
Looking at the best way to go about launching a completely separate site, which will be different pricing, different brand/company, however much of the same products. This will be different payment gateway/banking details, URL, etc as well. Another factor here is that the orders themselves will need to transfer into a different ERP system tied in with the different company. An alternative may be doing all invoicing in Magento for a period of time for the second site. We would also want the site hosted in a different IP as well (can this be achieved with Multi Store?)
We have done extensive work on the current site in terms of customisation and plugins, and the goal is to re-utilise this work and code, and launch the new site which is visually different (layout, content).
Have read about multi-site and multi-store, however are unclear as to whether this is a workable solution, or rather whether cloning/duplication is a better process.
Naturally the product descriptions, titles, keywords themselves would need to be re-written as well for SEO as well as brand purposes which brings questions on whether multi-store could work effectively?
Much appreciated in advance any input into experiences or advice in relation to the best way to achieve this.

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