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How can I bulk edit configurable product images in Magento? 
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New to the forum, hoping this is posted in the right place..

Currently we have over 800 configurable products on Magento. We have (on average) 2 images on each product. Currently, all of these are set so that the Base Image, Small Image and Thumbnail all point to the image which is set to 1 in the sort order (so the primary image). Our outsourced design team have just set up our store so that when we hover over an image with the cursor the back shot of the image is shown. But to do this I need to set the Thumbnail in images so that it points to the image marked as 2 in sort order.. which will be the back shot of the product (hope I’ve explained this enough..).

So, what I’m wondering is, if there is a way I can bulk edit this without having to write some kind of script? Changing them manually doesn’t seem to be an option, as we have such a high quantity of images. I\’m hoping you guys can help point me in the right direction.


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