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change all files to redirect to new url? 
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Joined:  2009-03-26

totally f-ing stoked!
have spent the past week on forums trying to learn code stuff (i’ve never done this before).... now, I’m more than halfway finished with completing a customized template for myself! 

I am only one step away, and came close to disaster already (thank god I made two back-ups)

how in the hell do I change the url and have all my other pages follow?

I have gone in admin - config- web (changed secure / unsecure url) with / as well as changed the admin url
went to host and renamed file, deleted cache.
got..... nothing.... or partially something (as far as one page showing up in correct address)

can someone explain this? 

sorry, this is my first time ever so I’m just a little excited (and delerious cause I was like an eagle through the night)

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