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Batch Print of Orders / Confirmation of Dispatch
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I posted in the main section about the possibility of adding a batch order printing function. This would be a great feature to have.

I have outlined some potentially useful features this function can have for sellers who sell larger volumes. This is taken from a work i got a coder to look into on a cre loaded installation. I realise this is not something that will be implemented currently but i thought i would put it out for the community to take a look at anyway.

Regards Alex

Batch Print Function -

Ability to print ranges of invoice by :

1) Order numbers e.g 2014-2098,2100-2122
2) Date
4) Shipping Method e.g for items to be delivered next day

Ability to set items item shipped status based on bulk order printing.

For Example orders number 2014-2098 printed. Once dispatched user goes back to admin and selects this set of orders and can then automatically flag all orders to ‘dispatched’ without having to do them manually. Also with the ability to enter order numbers to be excluded from the update. For example if items are out of stock and an order will not be sent with that post.

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