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My “Bundle of Virtuals” doesn’t seem to want to check out
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Joined:  2009-05-05

In attempting to simulate my existing home-built cart I figured that I need a “bundle of virtuals” to represent my product.  I think I’ve got that under control, though, and say it mostly for context.  I can go to the product page, select the items in my bundle, add the whole bundle to my cart, and begin the checkout process.  I fill in all my info, and even the credit card info (test server), and get a “Place Order” button.

However, when I hit it I see a brief pause and a status bar refresh - but then the page goes back to the shopping cart.  I get no confirmation of my purchase or anything, no error messages or popups.

When I submit a Simple Product, however, it goes through fine, taking me to a confirmation page and sending me an email.  So Idon’t think it is in the configuration of my payment processor at all, it seems to be related to product type.

Anybody got any suggestions?

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