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Custom payment method gateway help requested
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Hi everyone,

I have been assigned to create a payment method plugin for ICEPAY Basicmode. However, I am having much difficulty getting the basic functions to work.
I’ve done searches on this board, google and opened a few app/code/core/Mage payment modules. However, its unclear which payment methods functions similar to what I am trying to make and the many files/directories make it hard to read.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could at least point me in the right direction. Perhaps a basic sample of code or an existing plug-in which functions in a similar way. I’ll describe how Basicmode should work step by step down below.

Current progress:
The payment method is visible and usable in the admin > system > payment methods section and shows up in the checkout properly.
I’ve used the following guidelines:

Basic function:
ICEPAY offers the user a collection of global payment methods and local payment methods, their configuration is unrelated to Magento.
This is how Basicmode works with other shoppingcart:
1) Order info is collected upon checkout
2) User is redirected to the ICEPAY payment screen. The user can handle everything related to payment here.
3) Based on the user’s actions Basicmode redirects to either a “success” or “error” URL.
4) Postbacks are made to a “notify” script on the server which will handle the payment processing. If an OK is received the payment will be completed based on the shoppingcart settings (Order status changed, Customer notified through e-mail and possibly more depending on the shoppingcart options.)

Thanks in advance

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