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picture issues
Atanas Yakimov
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Joined:  2009-05-17


i think this are bugs in fact but i couldn’t find a bug-report page, so i’ll try here - please let me know where to find the bug-report page if one exists

1. when loading pictures which are not square into the shop, the thumbnail and icon pictures are ok, but the item picture on the item page is not - it is strangely shifted. while the solution - make pictures square before uploading - is easy, i find it very strange that the picture is obviously not treated the same way in all representations

2. when loading a big picture (mine was like 2600x2600) the shop shows the picture on the admin page and gives no warning and error message, but once you try to view the category in which the item with that picture would be it shows you an empty page. strangely enough it does show the upper category when asked, but the item is shown without a picture there. i think there should be either some sort of warning or the shop should be able to work with this kind of pictures.

the shop can be found on and uses the default settings exept for some extra attributes for the items.


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