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Strange login problem (not a new install)
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All of a sudden I can no longer log into the backend of my store. I get as far as entering my user and pass and hitting submit but then after what seems like years I get this error....

Redirect Loop
Redirection limit 
for this URL exceeded.

The above is the error given in Firefox and Opera gives this....

The URL was redirected to /index.php/administrator/report/?id=821298863&s;=adminPlease click the link to go there.

When I click the link Opera gives me I end up being given a similar link but with a slightly different number.

I’d appreciate any suggestions as this is a live store and at the moment things are not looking good. The store version I’m running is 1.1.8. I made an sql dump of my database this morning but surely that wouldn’t screw the backend up would it?


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