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Custom Product Reports/Search
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I want to create a customizable product report along the following lines:
1) User selects attribute set
2) Choice populates a multi select drop down of available attributes for that attribute set
3) User then selects the ‘where’ clause by selecting a single attribute from a second (single select) drop down of available attributes
4) Use then selects =, LIKE, >, <, from a 3rd single select drop down.
5) Enters value against which to search in a text field.
6) This builds a sql query along the lines of “Select name, sku, etc from table(s) where attribute = textfield value”

I Should add that this would be available from the admin UI only, and would also search across all attributes, whether defined as (front end) searchable/visible or not. The goal is therefore to enable admin to search for something like, show me all products where some attribute = some value”. They would then be able to export all the results as a csv/Excel spreadsheet.

Ok -> Qs
1) Has anybody done something similar before?
2) If so, is it available as a module or something?

3) What approach would you take?

I’m thinking of this as a module using the ModuleCreator extension as a starting point. It could use the existing grid and export functionality but I’m not sure about the following:
1) How to add the various UI elements above the grid
2) The requisite tables to query/how to build the query using Mage way.

Any ideas/suggestions would be most welcome.


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