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Change Image Compression in Version 1.3.1
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-05-14

Hi there,

First time post! OK, so, does anyone know how I can change the image compression rate in Magento 1.3.1? I’ve read this thread (Avoid image compression with GD2):, and searched far and wide to find two suggestions:

1. Edit /lib/Varien/Image/Adapter/Gd2.php

Find “call_user_func($this->_getCallback(’output’), $this->_imageHandler, $fileName);”
Replace with “if (IMAGETYPE_JPEG === $this->_fileType)call_user_func($this->_getCallback(’output’), $this->_imageHandler, $fileName,100);
call_user_func($this->_getCallback(’output’), $this->_imageHandler, $fileName);”

Thing is, Gd2.php must have changed between versions (there’s some reference to improved image compression in the change log for version 1.3.1) and so the syntax in my Gd2.php isn’t quite the same. The closest statement I can find in my Gd2.php is

“$this->_imageHandler = call_user_func($this->_getCallback(’create’), $this->_fileName);”

Changing this to “$this->_imageHandler = call_user_func($this->_getCallback(’create’), $this->_fileName), 95;” breaks images on product pages, they don’t display. Damn it! :-(

2. Edit /app/code/core/Mage/Media/Model/File/Image.php

Change “$result = imagejpeg($object->getTmpImage(), $object->getFilePath(true), 80);”

to “$result = imagejpeg($object->getTmpImage(), $object->getFilePath(true), 95);”

I’ve done this, deleted an image, uploaded it again, cleared the image cache and there’s no noticeable difference in quality.

Any suggestions anyone? It would be nice to have good quality images on product listings to give my site that extra crispness. Your assistance would be mucho appreciated. grin

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