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Displaying same level categories in left nav menu
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I need to organise the left menu. I was working with the layered navigation but this just shortens down the criteria from which items to shop for. What I need is to have a left menu which will display the other categories of the one that has been chosen. Basically, to understand better, lets say I have this category structure:

-> Shaving foam
-> Perfume
-> Shampoo

-> Make-up
-> Shaving Cream
-> Moistiruzer

What I want to accomplish is quite simple. If I navigate to Perfume, a left menu will be shown which will contain the MEN subcategories, ie:

Shaving foam

and he would be able to click on one of them and redirect to their page (unlike what happens in layered navigation).

I managed to accomplish a similar functionality which displays the subcategories but this only works when you click on a top level category, like MEN or WOMEN. If you click on a subcategory, like Shaving foam, it doesn’t work.

Please can someone tell me how can i do this??

Thanks for any response in advance.


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